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Where to redeem your code

Codes can be redeemed at, pictured below. A link can also be found on the Dreamstage homepage.

After redeeming your ticket, you will be redirected to the Show Page, where you will now see "Watch Show" as an option.

You will also receive a confirmation email with additional instructions and event information.

About redemption codes

Before redeeming your code, make sure you are signed in to the account accessing the event.

Redemption codes are valid for one free admission, granting access to the livestream event and video-on-demand replay (where applicable).

Redemption codes do not include merchandise or other in-venue purchases.

Redemption codes can be gifted to friends or family, but keep in mind before sharing that codes are single use. Your code should be redeemed on the account with which you plan to watch the event.

Redemption codes expire at the conclusion of the scheduled event.

Redemption code format


Redemption codes should appear as a 32-character string of letters and numbers, as pictured below.


Enter your code without any spaces or punctuation.

Codes are case insensitive.

Error messages

The error message "Not a valid redemption code" may mean...

  • your code is not formatted correctly
  • is missing (or has extra) characters
  • contains a typo
  • does not exist in our database

The error message "You already have a ticket to this show!" means your code is valid, but...

  • you have already have access to the event
  • have previously purchased a ticket or redeemed a code

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