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Step 1: Open DREAMSTAGE 

Visit the DREAMSTAGE homepage on your preferred web browser. 


Step 2: Create an account

From the collapsible menu on the top right (or top left, depending on your browser) of the screen, click the profile icon.


The "Sign In" link will take you to the Sign In page. Below the credentials field, you will find the option to switch from "Sign In" to "Sign Up."

You will need to register using your email address.



When registering, you will need to create password that satisfies standard security requirements

  • Password must contain an upper case letter
  • Password must contain a number
  • Password must contain at least 8 characters

We don't require you to re-type your new password for verification, so make sure to write it down!


Step 3: Confirm Profile Information

Now that you’re signed in, you can open your profile from the same menu you used to reach the signup page. From the profile page, you can edit your personal information, change your password, add a payment card, and view your event tickets.

Along with your basic info, you will see a timezone field. Many of our concerts take place in international timezones, so double-check that yours is set accurately!


Step 4: Add a Payment Card

> Accepted Payment Methods

You will need to save a payment method to your profile in order to complete checkout once you are ready to purchase tickets. You can add a card from your profile page by accessing the "Payment" tab. If there isn't one on file, you will be prompted to add one at checkout.

Select “Add a Credit Card”

Fill in the following information:

  • Name as it appears on the card
  • 16-digit card number (don’t worry about formatting, our site will take care of it for you!)
  • Expiration date as MM/YY
  • 3-digit CVV
  • 5-digit ZIP/postal code matching the billing address on file for the card

Select "Add Card" 

Once the card is validated, it will appear under your profile information.


Step 4: Check out the shows, find one you like!

Return to the DREAMSTAGE homepage.

You can go back to the homepage by clicking back in your browser, or by clicking the DREAMSTAGE logo at the top of the screen.

Concerts are organized by genre. Click a genre to bring up the event poster carousel, and use the arrow buttons or swipe left-to-right to scroll through upcoming performances.

If you find a performance that interests you, click on the poster to visit the show page.  Details on the show, including time, place, description, artist bios, and ticket prices can all be found here. When it's time for curtain call, return to this page. If you've purchased a ticket, you will notice the "Buy Tickets" option now reads "You're Going!".


Step 5: Reserve your seat

> Purchasing Tickets

After selecting a concert and clicking its poster, you will be taken to the information page.

When you are ready to proceed to checkout, click "Buy Ticket." 

The price you see listed is the final price. No tax, no fees (but still service)!

Confirm you have added the correct payment card, and click “Pay with Credit Card” once you’ve confirmed the details. You may also check out with PayPal, which will be offered on the same page.

If you received a code for a free ticket, follow the "REDEEM TICKET" link to enter the code and have the claim your ticket.


Step 6: That’s it!

 > Getting Ready for the Show

Information on where, when, and how best to watch the show is included in the post-sale display.

A confirmation email containing performance information and a receipt will be sent to the email address associated with your profile.





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