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Check your internet connection

A fast and reliable network connection is necessary for a quality high-definition livestream experience. 
A slow or unreliable connection can lead to:
  • Choppy or buffering video
  • Reduced image quality
  • Reduced sound quality
  • Venue page and chat window are slow to load
  • Audio-video de-synchronization

Minimum requirements

High-definition livestream content requires more bandwidth than some users may anticipate.

Dreamstage livestreams broadcasts default to high-definition. Benchmarks vary, but for a comfortable and quality viewing experience, we recommend a connection with upload speeds above 10 Mbps.

Test your internet connection speed with Google Speed Test.


If you are still experiencing poor stream quality with a fast connection, check your connection stability. A fast but unstable connection is often more noticeable then a slow and stable connection. Connection stability can be improved by increasing Wi-fi or data signal strength, and by switching to ethernet when possible.

Multiple devices connected to your home internet share bandwidth. If you’re not benchmarking desired speeds, try turning off wi-fi or unplugging ethernet connected devices not currently in use. Internet providers also monitor data usage. Check the terms of your contract to ensure throttling is not occurring as a result of exceeding monthly data caps.

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