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Add A Payment Method

Credit and Debit Cards

If no payment method is on file, you will have the option to register a card for payment at the time of purchase. If a card is already on file, and you wish to change it, you can easily add a new card through your Profile page. 

You can also check out using PayPal. 

Instant Pay

If paying with a smart device with Instant Pay enabled, and you wish to use the Instant Pay option, you will be prompted to select Apple Pay. Apple Pay is not available for browser-based payments.

> Apple Pay support

For a list of payment methods and processor supported by DREAMSTAGE, see Payments Processing



Payment information can be saved to your account either at the time of registration or at the time of purchase. Saved payments will be listed at the checkout screen, where you will also have the option to add a new credit card as a payment method if you skipped this step at registration.

Please note that sales prices are listed in U.S. Dollars. 



Purchase Confirmation

Before completing your purchase, you will be shown a Sales Summary that displays finalized prices for tickets, inclusive of taxes or other charges. 

After placing your order using the "Pay with Credit Card" button, you will be sent two emails. One email is your purchase receipt and the other is your ticket. Congratulations! If you're seeing this, your event booking was successful. The display you see here will vary by device. Below is an example of a successful ticket purchase made from an Apple account. 

Note: Each unique ticket link can only be used by one device at a time. If another device accesses a link in active use, the second device will be prioritized and the first device will be blocked from the experience.



If Purchasing Multiple Tickets

Once the sale is finalized, you will receive an email confirmation containing distribution instructions and a list of redemption codes, with one code per ticket purchased. You decide who receives your codes and how. The distribution of codes to their final destination is up to you.

Keep in mind when sharing your tickets that a redemption code can only be used onceIf distributing to a group via email, we advise sending each recipient their code individually to avoid mix-ups. If you're purchasing with the intent to watch as well, be sure to save a redemption code for yourself!


Receipt and Reservation Details

Receipt with confirmation of your ticket will be emailed to the address in your profile. In addition to payment details, this email serves as a reminder for your reservation details with the date and time of the show.

Reservation information can also be found on your profile page. 


Rejected Payments

Adding a payment method may fail as "invalid" if the card does not meet security and fraud requirements for our payments processor.

If you know your card is valid, and are still receiving an error, double-check the information entered is correct, then check with your financial institution to confirm the card is still valid and your billing information is up to date.

If you believe your purchase went through successfully but didn't receive an email confirmation, please reach out to We'll be happy to assist. 


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